Must Read “Because You’ll Never Meet Me”
Would you let a person, sitting right across the world, be your friend? How likely are the chances that the person will change your life?

Impossible maybe?
Leah Thomas is here with a book with the most unlikely and passionate plot for book lovers, who are done with everyday people!

Two best friends, Ollie and Moritz, become closer than any friend, but they can’t meet. Why? Read on!

Ollie is a teen suffering from an unlikely allergy from electricity which would cause seizures in his body, has just lost his only friend, Liz, to the high school tradition.

Moritz, who has a problem of his own has a weak heart and cannot do without his pacemaker.

The duo cannot meet as it would induct Ollie into a hard time with seizures, and Moritz just can’t do without his pacemaker.

The boys start by writing letters to each other, become friends, and before realizing anything else, are changing each other’s lives. The story initiating at a very subtle note as both the boys have nothing much in common, except for their daunting loneliness in this vast world. However, the stretch of the story goes on to show that how the boys find out more about each other, and how their letters become a source of strength in hard times. But the author continues to create a great deal of suspense throughout the ink, whether there would be a possibility of them meeting or not, ever?

What most would see as just a story of ‘two boys becoming friends’, the more deep souls would find a ray of hope and excitement through the storyline.

It is a true statement of how you can enthusiastically use a sympathetic plot to put the readers into the shoes of the characters and live the “inked” life! 

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In my words, if you miss out on this book, well then, you will miss out on something, some great writing, some great morals, and most importantly, a very well secured plot!

As the story continues, and as the “unlikely duo” get closer, the book reveals some great morals to the readers, sending some into a moment of pause with its exceptional writing.

The book secured a considerable 4 out of 5 at Goodreads, but my personal score would be 4.5 out of 5. The writing of a debutant author, how she is able to merge both pain and happiness into one another is incredible to witness. I would have scored the book an effing 5 out of 5 to see a fresh writing skill by the debutant along with the characters. But the book lost its worth towards the end as it grew a little boring and predictable. I was personally thinking of something like, Ollie somehow overcoming his allergy towards electricity, but well,the author chose to extend the storyline to bring in a sequel, which is due in February next year.

This was Leah Thomas’ debut into the art of writing and the very book was a 2016 Morris Award finalist. She is a graduate of Clarion, who is mostly daunting into short fictions. And just to be clear, she isn’t much of a person to be interviewed.

I would stand up and applause the author myself, if it was ever so important for her, but this is a more-than-just-a-by-par book and a must read, to add!

The sequel to the book “Nowhere Near You” is due in February 2017, so you won’t be disappointed that you liked the book and tale is done and done, because it’s not! Maybe, the sequel brings in something different, a new set of character, old characters maxed up with new ones, or something surprising, because with a debutant author, you just don’t know when to be hit with what!

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your own edition, and if you are a lazy bum to do that, then just ask us at Read N Share and we would be more than obliged to help you with your love of reading!

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