Reading Books vs Reading Article

My friend, Renu, recently asked me if there were benefits to reading books versus articles or paper. I thought it was an interesting question since I read both books and paper. I enjoy both but each offers me a different experience.

My thoughts on why you should read books

Books give you the big picture. You get immersed into the author’s thought process. It’s like entering the author’s mind. It gives you the process of how the author gathered his or her knowledge. They share their fears and joys. Their why’s and how’s.

It’s more than simply getting a list of actions or thoughts on a subject. You get real life examples as the author share his vision.

Your initial exposure to any subject should be through real life learning or books. In such a case, articles and magazines just don’t give you enough information for it to be truly beneficial.

Why should you also read magazines and articles

Magazines and web articles serves a different purpose. These are usually quick lists and facts. For example, Ten steps to become a better leader.

Their best value is when you’ve already had exposure to the content they share. They then serve as strong reminders and reviews for the concept you’ve previously read or experienced.

On its own, it can prompt you to think and ponder about the subject. It may even lead you to take certain actions. But it won’t have a profound effect as books.

If you see articles on things you’ve read before use them as reminders and if it’s a new topic which poke your interest, then look up the author of the article and get their book or a book covering the topic.

So what I’m saying is…

If you want minimal impact… read a good quote.

If you want small impact… read an article.

If you want big impact… read a book.

If you want optimal impact… attend a live seminar.


I’m currently sharing quotes and blog posts for now.

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