Importance of Picture Book


Childhood is a very crucial stage in human life


as it’s the period of intellectual, physical and mental growth of the child. When it comes to education, it is very important during childhood as it’s the age of brain development as well. There are various ways to help in growth of brain, may it be from home education, society or books. Picture book is one such way of education more through images than through words. It’s is not important that picture books are available for children only. There are various books available in the market for middle and upper age readers as well.


• Usually people prefer picture books for their children to improve their imagination and reading power which is way easier for them than the heavy text books. Text books may become a “higher level” for such small age group.


• The colorful picture and glossy images makes the story as well as moral more understandable to the child. Picture books can make a child more imaginative and creative and that’s what each parent want for their child.



• The difficult languages and vocabulary skills can be improved through big pictures. It becomes easier to analyze the story by the child and turns out to be best method of learning comprehensions.
• Picture books with different stories can help the children to improve their vocabulary in that particular language. Also they get to understand different plot of the story as they get use to read them.


• There are many stories and poems for kids which consist of various repetition and these repetition in the story children_book4makes kids more excited to recite it and participate more in reading.
• As kids understand what the writer is telling through the illustrations, it becomes easy for the kids to learn the foreign languages as well. They may find ordeals to understand what is written in the language they don’t know. The colorful images may help them overcome such problems.



• Most of the picture books provide “moral of the story” which gives them some understanding of the situation in life in their own way. They put themselves at the place of the character in the story and judge the situation accordingly. They somewhere feel connected to the characters which makes it more real to them. The illustrations helps the children to understand the moral and message better.


childre_book2We can see that each and every child loves to color, do crafty stuffs and lost into the world of colors than how can you expect the importance of picture book in their life. I think picture book is a good start for child education as it will encourage kids to read rather than directly starting from a text level which may seem boring to them. It’s really certain that parents and teacher move their kids away from picture books as they want then to grow in this competitive world. But this might be a pressure on them as well. That is why picture book is preferable to build children’s interest in education.

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