Importance of festivals

We live in the country famous because of its festivity

and tradition, found nowhere across the world. Indian population is diversified on the basis of different religion, heritage, language and regions who celebrate various festivals and which have a particular history behind each and every one. Festival is something which brings the whole community or different communities together and make the event or the day different from ordinary. At some day or the other of the year, people seen to be gathering around for mela or celebration with great emotions to make the moment special.


Bringing Excitement Back to Life:importance-of-festivals2

There is a huge importance of festivals and celebration in our lives because it brings enthusiasm and excitement to us. In India there are festival at each and every point of the year, may it be ploughing, plantation, changing of seasons or anything.



Forwarding Culture to the Next Generation:

importance-of-festivals_4Once there a time in India when people use to celebrate each day of the year as festival but due to some reasons only few festivals are left. Nowadays festivals are mere a holiday as people are busy in their own life to work, study and all. Still there are some day people cheerful of like Diwali, Holi, Dussehera, and more religious festivals. As they are meant to pass on the tradition and cultural knowledge to next generation, they are also important to play that role.



Worldwide Influence:

India is well known for its various things from yoga to its inspiring and rich history and for also its tourism but one most important thing making it a famous country is its intensity in celebrating wonderful days of the year. Most of the tourist travelling in India are mainly to see its diverse culture and tradition. There is a great influence of Indian festivity worldwide because of its variety in color, taste and types in different geographical regions.


Festival of Sale:

During any festival we see our market place full of beautiful decoration, colors and with awesome sale on various or even every item. This is not just a case in physical market but also on the internet and television. For instance, few
days back on Diwali, there were lots and lots of sale, discount and much more, on the name of “Diwali offers”, were seen on online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and other. Similarly on every festival, various company offers shopping benefits to the customers as a gift for them to shop.


Bura Na Mano Holi Hai:

Being an Indian and celebrating such festivals I find myself having an amazing feeling when I see people so lost in their enjoyment, teasing each other and saying phrases like “bura na mano holi hai” on holi and having a lot of fun. We get to see various colors around us and making the day more cheerful.




importance-of-festivals_We should feel obliged that we get to see and celebrate such thing with great purity and sanctity and we get to forget all the boundaries and differences within people.



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