How To Build A Resume Which Gets You Any Job Quickly

The job market is getting tough for new grads, with more competition coming from almost all the relevant quarters. As more and more people are improving their skills to match the new job requirements.

In such a competitive environment, if you are a job seeker, you need to tweak your resume and improve it to a point where it makes you stand out from others. Make your resume so impressive that employers become compelled to call you for an interview ahead of the competition.

If you really want to tweak your resume and further refine it, here are some great tips for you:

1. Write Professional Summary and Tagline

The starting of your resume should be impressive and must attract the attention of the recruiter. Focus more on developing a short, crisp and concise summary statement which narrates your overall career achievements.

Make sure you include the information which is an absolute must and avoid including too much of information which is either irrelevant or can be adjusted in other sections of the cv.

2. Get Professional Help

This may sound like strange advice, but it is extremely important if you get professional help from a coach.

Professional coaches help you to understand the job requirements of your industry and help you craft smart summaries and intros which are attractive enough to get you an interview.

You can also look for best free resume builder to properly craft a good-looking resume if you are not ready to pay for a professional help.

The benefit of free resume builders is that they offer you good formatting which is not otherwise available in ordinary MS Word Resume building process.

3. Write With the Future in Mind, Not the Past

A resume is always a sales pitch—something which presents your story to a potential employer. Instead of making it a historical document, focus on crafting a resume which covers the future.

Give an impression that you are going to be a valuable addition to your employer and will greatly enhance the probability of success of any new projects after you are hired.

4. Show Details of Projects Done

Though a bit debatable, many experts suggest including the projects done in your resume with a brief description of the projects and your role in it.

In the skills or experience section, you can easily incorporate the details on projects you have done.

5. Quantify as Much as possible

Another important ingredient to have an excellent resume is to include the numbers in your resume. If you can, include your achievements in numbers, quantifying increases in sales revenue, profitability, the number of new customers, and improvement in website traffic. Whatever you believe you have achieved, transform it into numbers and mention them against your achievements.

6. Make Genuine Excuses

If you were out of the job or missed some years, make sure you account for the gap years. To sound more genuine, you need to make potential employers sense that you are a genuine, potential candidate.

Above all, it also sets your integrity and improves your chances to get a call.

7. Keep Updating Your Resume

Lastly, you must keep your resume updated and ensure that you mention all the current information. A change in the work situation, a long leave or even a new part time or home based assignments may be mentioned in the resume to keep it current.

Also, do not forget to change the resume as per each job you apply for. Do include a cover letter and do not send the same cover letter for every job.

Getting a job can be lot easier if your resume is correctly prepared and made with an intention to pitch the best you can offer.


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