Books of Trump, which even his haters will love [Trust us]

Almost every book lover has heard about Donald Trump and his massive wealth. Some people think he is in real estate, while some think he owns several businesses. Donald Trump is actually in the world of making deals, which you will know about after reading his books. Whether you love or hate him, he has been extremely successful because of his optimistic nature.

Why I wrote this : I read Trump’s interview to Playboy magazine, dated before 30 years. And know what? I loved it absolutely.

What could be more exciting than launching a new book for fans of Donald Trump? The reason is he gives all his tips and best knowledge from through his books, which is of course his main business. I have read some of Donald Trump books and found the most amazing advice that you can ever find. Books that were written personally by Donald Trump have been the best sellers and are available at all the major bookstores. We can educate ourselves and combat ignorance by reading his books. There is no doubt that reading has great power and you don’t need billions of dollars to open a book and learn about the world.

No matter what your political affiliations and interests are, you will surely love reading these books. Taking back the conversation to the main title, I am listing the best books by Donald Trump that even Trump haters like –

The Art of the Deal

Art of the DealAs said before, Trump is actually in the art of making deals and you will learn all about it in this book. The concepts described in this book are really amazing and is all about using negative thinking to make deals and accumulate wealth. You will not believe how negative thinking can help you gain an edge, until you read this book.

The book is loaded with good information, regardless of whether you just want to know about Donald or apply his principles in your life. You will also learn about some of the best deals he made and how he handled some of the most difficult situations.

Think Big And Kick Ass

Think big and kickass
His most recent book “Think Big and Kick Ass” is the best business book you will read. In this book, Donald lays out how he became successful in business by thinking big. You will realize how genius Donald is after reading this book. This book will take you inside Trump’s mind and know exactly how it operates.

Every paragraph and chapter in this book contains useful insights and skills that you can master easily. If you want to learn how to think like a winner, then this is a must to read book.

Think Like a Champion

There are many contributing factors behind Trump’s success and one such factor is optimistic thinking. If you want to become successful, modeling the way Trump thinks is a good place to start. In the book “Think Like A Champion”, Trump shares about informal education in life and business.

You will enjoy reading the 50 essays given in this motivational book. Some of the essays are very practical advice and really do have a substance. On the top, the strategies and suggestions will help you succeed in business and life.

Think Like A Billionaire

This book is a real insightful and easy to read. With more than 100 chapters, this book describes different aspects of billionaire’s life. Whether it is finding an attorney or choosing which golf club to play with or keeping up your appearances in business world, you will learn a lot after reading this book.

Some of the best chapters are about – picking an interest rate, finding a good office, dealing with a broker, getting an inspection of your property etc. You will become a fan of Donald Trump after reading this book. He has lot of confidence, which you can see in his writings. If you want to know about the life of a millionaire, then you must read this book.

Why We Want You To Be Rich

This book written by Donald Trump and co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki is a great book to pick up. You might be surprised to know the honesty of these two people and why they want others to succeed. They actually give insight into how to become rich using the same strategies they used in real estate.

The book does have some great information about finance education and investment in real estate. This book could be undoubtedly a valuable addition to your knowledge library, especially if you want to become rich.

Whatever we think about Trump and his politics, this man knows how to be successful and made a fortune in business. He headed popular TV shows and is leading the race for U.S. Presidency. If you have any interest in goal setting or business, you will Think Big and read the books written by Donald Trump.

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