Best Romantic Novels by Nicholas Sparks

When we talk about romantic contemporary literature,

the first think sticks in our mind is the most famous romantic novelist Nicholas Sparks. Whenever readers come across the Nicholas Sparks’ novels, they will find themselves lost in the depth of the story which further provokes them to reader more of his work. The December 1965 born writer is known as the best storyteller. According to New York Times, he is famous as the bestseller for all of his books. Till now his work is able to sold over 105 million copies in 50 languages across the world. Out of this 105 million copies, 70 million copies are sold in only United States of America alone.

Sparks wrote his first novel as his inability to play sports. Studied from university of Notre Dame and then working for sales and doing business he got the idea for writing. Within six months he finished writing his first book, The Notebook, in 1995 and published it in 1996. Later his first book become the best seller.

Sparks’ books consists of the story which could be read decades back and also at present. So let’s spot the light on what makes him the best contemporary romantic novelist.

  1. The Notebook

The most emotional and touching novel the-notebook
one can ever read is The Notebook which can make the reading cry and obviously because of a perfect ending. Through the protagonists, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, Sparks have made a strange equation of love for the readers which was somewhere unexpected in his first work. Thanking Noah and Allie we come to know that “love can last forever, no matter what comes in life”.


  1. The last song

the-last-songRebellious Bonnie Miller, came for a summer holiday to her father, falls in love with Will Blakelee though she wasn’t here for love. Depicting an adventurous love throughout the story leads the characters to have a positive and happy life ahead. Showing the true power of love and family, Sparks makes the novel real with every romance it contain.






  1. The choice

the-choiceLove also mean how far and beyond one can go for the person who means life to them. Travis Parker and Gabby Holland leads with love the way it should have been done. The story contains the factors which will make the reader use a bunch of tissues.





  1. Dear John

dear-johnJohn Tyree and Savannah Curtis promise each other everything out of love just to make it happen. Separated by the countries and professions, they were taught how to love unconditionally. With the site of beautiful beach and power of a protector, Dear John has a very special space in The Nicholas Sparks’ stand.





  1. A Walk to Remember

a-walk-to-rememberIn the count of the best romantic novel of the time, a walk to remember brings a bond between Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan making them fall for each other. The story contain a natural element of acute disease like cancer which will eventually make the reader cry out loud.

Nicholas Sparks have created such works which can explain the authentic meaning of “true love”. One can come across what it meant to read such work why they deserve a good space in your book shelf. Go and examine yourself why we have been talking about it so far.

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